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Spirulina-C 1000 Whole Food Supplement: Nature's premium green SUPERFOOD. 1000 Capsules.

All the goodness of Spirulina - with added Vitamin C for a super immune-boosting multivitamin.

Each capsule contains 400 mg spirulina, 25 mg Vitamin C and 75 mg bicarb of soda. Take one to six capsules per day (adult dosage) or one to four capusles per day (children's dosage).

Spirulina is a natural superfood - a powerful combination of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, and antiocxidants with hogh bioavailability.

    Immune Booster
    Appetite suppressant (great for dieting)
    Aids digestion
    Great for detox
    Energy Enhancing (burn amino acids instead of sugars)
    Sugar balancing (great for diabetics)

Ingredients:    per tablet:    Per 4 tablets
Spirulina    400 mg    1,600 mg
Ascorbic acid    25 mg    100 mg
Sodium bicarb    75 mg    300 mg

Typical Analysis per 4 Tablets /     Daily Dosis    
Protein    1.380    g
Vitamin C    80.000    mg
Thiamine (B1)    52.000    μg
Riboflavin (B2)    68.000    μg
Niacin (B3)    296.000    μg
Panthothenic acid (B5)    12.000    μg
Pyridoxine (B6)    8.000    μg
Cyanocobalamine (B12)    2.000    μg
C-delta-alpha-tocopherol (E)    218.000    μg
Biotim (H)    0.600    μg
Folic acid    1.200    μg
Magnesium    16.080    mg
Calcium    10.740    mg
Phosphorous    20.200    mg
Potassium    39.000    mg
Sodium    25.200    mg
Iron    3.120    mg
Chromium    5.200    μg
Manganese    309.200    μg
Molybdenum    11.800    μg
Copper    11.800    μg
Zinc    253.000    μg
Selenium    1.000    μg
Iodine    8.000    μg
Fatty Acids         
Omega 6         
Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)    16.320    mg
Essential linoleic acid    19.520    mg
Omega 9         
Oleic acid    3.940    mg
Palmitic acid    3.940    mg
Palmitoleic acid    3.080    mg
Essential Amino Acids         
Iso-leucine    78.00    mg
Leucine    117.20    mg
Lysine    67.00    mg
Methionine    28.40    mg
Phenylalanine    52.20    mg
Threonine    66.00    mg
Tryptophan    20.80    mg
Valine    61.20    mg
Non-essential Amino Acids         
Alanine    53.40    g
Arginine    41.90    g
Aspartic acid    84.20    g
Cysteine    6.10    g
Glutamic acid    85.70    g
Glycine    33.80    g
Histidine    10.80    g
Proline    29.10    g
Seine    33.10    g
Tyrosine    31.40    g
Beta-carotene    2.513    mg
Total carotenoids    3.780    mg
Xanthophylls    2.367    mg
Chlorophyll-a    20.300    mg
Phycocyanin    230.000    mg
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)    7064.000    units
(Antioxidant Enzyme Activity)         
ORAC    1386.000    TE/3g

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  • 5
    Healthy Living

    Posted by Lyon on 27th Jul 2018

    This is an amazing product - keeps your gut healthy, keeps away colds & flu & so much more - what can i say you feel healthy in every way.

  • 5
    Healthy Living

    Posted by Val on 18th Jan 2018

    This is my 3 bottle of spirulina - 1st one without Vit c & then 2 with Vit C. I find this excellent however only take 5 daily as I find my "stools" far too loose if I take 6 tablets. Keeps me extremely regular.

  • 5

    Posted by Happy Green on 24th Aug 2017

    I have been taking spirulina powder in my Nutribullet juice daily and now taking 3 spirulina pills daily as well. I am healthy and hopefully will stay that way.

  • 4
    Feel OK, we do

    Posted by Adrian on 11th Jun 2017

    Both of us taking 4 caps each daily for 3 months now. No direct/obvious changes except that we sleep better and still in good health despite the cold/wet weather.

  • 4
    Still testing the vit C

    Posted by V Lyons on 31st May 2017

    Trust the product.

  • 5
    Cravings are gone

    Posted by Jaco on 8th Jul 2015

    Having used various vitamins, I never could get rid of the craving for sweet things.
    After using Spirulina for 2 weeks, no more cravings.