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  • Inversion Table - 75165 Deluxe

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Inversion Table 75165 Deluxe

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Product Description

Model 75165 Deluxe

What is an inversion table?
The Inversion Table is an adjustable platform which allows positioning in an upright or inverted position in order to allow the effects of gravity to be adjusted to meet therapeutic requirements.

How does an inversion table operate?   
The balance of the Inversion Table is so precise that control of the rotation can be effected by simple arm movements. A tether strap allows the rotation to be arrested at any desired angle. Adjustable roller hinges allow adjustment of the rate of rotation. The table can be locked at 90º for full inversion in order to stabilize it during exercise, e.g. inverted sit-ups.

Inversion Therapy was used as early as 400 BC by Hippocrates. Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, suspended the patient on a ladder in an appropriate manner in order to allow gravity to exercise therapeutic traction. In the 1960s Dr. Robert Martin (a Californian osteopath, chiropractor and medical doctor) introduced the “Gravity Guidance System” which incorporates Inversion Therapy into these therapeutic procedures. These modern Inversion Therapy procedures have demonstrated multiple therapeutic possibilities that continue to expand.

The simple solution to Back pain & Poor posture:
You have total control over the degree of inversion
Rhythmic or intermittent traction.
Partial inversion Total Inversion

Selected Benefits:
Goodbye Back Pain & Posture Problems
Relieves varicose veins Stretches connective tissue
Increases hip joint mobility
Improves pelvic mobility
Enhances functions of sexual organs
Strengthens abdominal muscles
Benefits eyesight
Improves intellectual functions
Acts as a natural face-lift
Decompresses compacted ankle joint
Decompresses compacted knee joint
Stretches thigh and hamstring muscles
Decompresses sacroiliac joint
Corrects lower back dysfunction
Realigns spinal vertebrae
Helps regenerate intervertebral discs
Increases full range of shoulder motion
Benefits hearing and sense of balance
Improves skin
Improves hair
(can reduce hair loss)

Spinal column
Inversion induced stretching allows realignment of the vertebrae and relaxation of the vertebral muscles and ligaments, relieving pain and discomfort induced by inappropriate posture.

Intervertebral discs.
Inversion causes decompression of the intervertebral discs in the spinal column allowing them to regain their elasticity and functional resilience.

Inversion causes relaxation of somatic muscles of the body promoting and enhancing tissue perfusion not only to vital areas such as the brain, heart, internal and sensory organs, but also to perfusionally deprived areas in the periphery such as the skin and hair follicles.

Inversion relieves pain and discomfort in the back caused by prolonged pressure on vertebrae, intervertebral discs and pinched nerves.

Inversion increases general blood perfusion of the body enhancing oxygenation of the cells of the tissues, improving cellular function, restoration and health.

Lymph drainage
Inversion induces lymph flow and drainage, decreases lymph stagnation and organ congestion, promoting removal of interstitial metabolites, acids and salts, improving delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the tissues.

Cerebral function
Inversion realigns the vertebrae of the neck and this improves the blood
flow to the brain and cerebellum, and to the upper regions of the inner ear,
improving mental function and balance, and balance awareness.

Stress and tension
Inversion relieves the pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back induced by emotional stress and tension.

Inversion induces muscle relaxation, and improves blood perfusion to the tissues, is reflected in the elderly in a  general feeling of well-being and an improvement in mental function and faculties. Inversion also causes decongestion of edematous tissues, improving the function of the heart. Inversion also improves the suppleness of the muscles, ligaments and joints and statural posture in general. Finally, Inversion improves the colour, elasticity and tone of the skin and the health and lustre of the hair.

Recreational and Occupational physical activity.

Stretching the vertebral column by Inversion simulates orthopaedic traction, and relieves the stresses and tensions in the muscles, ligaments and intervertebral discs, promoting healing, restoration and growth of the individual fibres. Consequently:
• Inversion aids correction of malalignment caused by asymmetrical occupational, or recreational activity, and contributes to restoration of optimal physical posture.
• Correct alignment of the vertebrae of the neck by Inversion, improves the blood flow to the posterior regions of the brain and cerebellum, improving general cerebral function and balance.
• Careful physical training in the inverted position, as in Inversion, has the potential to improve performance in non-orthostatic activity, such as occurs in springboard and scuba diving, gymnastics and skydiving.
• The benefits of regular and appropriate Inversion use, extend the prevention of low grade, but accumulative, activity-related wear and tear and injury to the joints, ligaments and tissues.

Structural and functional aspects of the spinal column

The spine is comprised of 24 columnar lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebrae separated and cushioned by intervertebral discs. The spinal column is stabilized and correctly aligned primarily by intervertebral muscles and ligaments, and posterior fascicular joints and, secondarily, by the great muscle masses of the upper and lower back and the neck, posteriorly, and the abdomen, anteriorly. The spine is designed to carry the stress of gravity and day-to-day activity, and is only as strong as its weakest link.

For efficient spinal function the vertebrae must be correctly aligned, the intervertebral discs must be elastic and correctly positioned, the intervertebral muscles, ligaments and joints must be strong and supple, and the muscles of the back and abdomen must be strong and in good condition. Any failing in any one of these structural components leads inevitably – in time – to pressure on spinal nerves, herniation of intervertebral discs, erosion of the articular surfaces of joints, and the sequelae of muscle spasm, decreased blood perfusion, inflammation, discomfort and pain and compromised capacity for physical activity.

Model 75165 Deluxe

Inversion Table:  Memory Foam
Supports up to: 136kgs user weight.

•   Non-skid floor stabilizers provide extra stability
•   Big side handles for easy inverting
•   Safety vinyl side covers
•   Double-stitched 2 PLY foam that includes 1”Memory Foam
•   Extra large foot pads
•   Adjustable safety tether strap controls angle of Inversion.

Adjustable for user height: From 145cm to 198cm.

Product Size: 120.5L x 73W x 150H (cm)

Dr Nel B.Ed., M.Ed, D.Ed.
I am involved in restoring deficits in motor skills. I have found Inversion to be a valuable aid in the rehabilitation of the condition of muscle and cartilage tissue and in increasing perfusion to the middle ear, eyes and vestibular system. These benefits are rapidly reflected in improved performance.

Dr H Krug, Physicist, Saarbrücken, Germany
I suffer from chronic back pain due to developmental factors exacerbated by injury. Surgery has not cured the problem entirely and I use regular Inversion exercise to good effect for the relief of the curse of chronic back and neck pain.
Dr De Villiers, MBChB. FRCS. Claremont Pain Clinic
We have been using Inversion in our clinic for ten years with excellent results in relieving chronic back pain.

Gert Keuler, Exec. Fin. Advisor
After using Inversion I was amazed in the change in my flexibility, after only a few weeks of use. My golf game is much improved due to greater shoulder mobility. I whole heartedly attest to the benefits of this product.

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30.00 KGS
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