• Elexoma Earlobe Clips (one pair) Elexoma Earlobe Clips (one pair)

    Elexoma Earlobe Clips (one pair)

    The NEW Elexoma Earlobe Clips plug into the MET (body treatment) cables for an affordable, easy to use replacement of the treaditional earclip leads.  The contact points of the electrode are covered in silicone for extra comfort. No need for earclip...
    MSRP: R165.00
  • Single Use Electrodes

    Single Use Electrodes

    Pre-gelled Electrode - 4cm x 4cm Single Use These Pre-gelled electrodes are intended for single use. Altough they are not of the same superior quality as the other electrodes listed on our store, we have found that they are reusable. 2 Pairs    
  • Earclip Felts (Elexoma) Earclip Felts. 20 Felt on a sheet.

    Earclip Felts (Elexoma)

    Earclip Felts (Elexoma Medic) Those little round white felts on the earclip electrodes.  You get a sheet of 10 felts.
    MSRP: R40.00
  • Woman's Waterworks Booklet

    Woman's Waterworks Booklet

    Women's Waterworks: curing incontinence is an international best-seller, with over 200,000 copies sold world-wide since its first publication in 1987, and constantly updated since then. Written by Australian physiotherapist and academic, Dr Pauline...
    MSRP: R90.00