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This is where you book for your dance.

It may not be possible to use these invites once digital dance invites are introduced, but for now, they will work.

During Checkout: In the Comments section, list the FULL NAMES and SURNAMES and IDs or PASSPORT NUMBERS (non ZA citizens) for each invited person. Without this, we cannot issue your invitation.

Once you've made payment, come back to this page and click here to register yourself on the government's online registration portal.

If you have trouble completing the form, click here to download the instructions.

Where it asks if you have a medical aid, answer NO, even if you do have a medical aid.

Once you receive your EVDS registration SMS from the website (it can take several days or even weeks), forward it via whatsapp to 076-637 7216.

Block the government number that sent you the SMS, so they cannot keep bothering you.

Once we receive this, we will complete the Dance card and courier it to you.


Q. How long will my Dance Invite be valid?

A. Until digital dance invites are implemented globally.


Q. What can passport control see at a port of entry?

A. Passport control has no access to the database of another country.


Q. Do I still need to go for a PCR swab test before travelling?

A. Yes


Q. Will I be quarantined in my destination country?

A. This depends on each country's rules. Enquire at your travel agent.