EarthCell Grounding Band and EMF Shield


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Full Set: Grounding Band (Night) + EMF Shield (Day)

Grounding Band (Night)

Grounding is a therapeutic technique that ‘grounds’ or reconnects your body’s electrical system to Earth.  Sitting, walking, working and sleeping indoors, connected to conductive systems in your environment, can cause many health issues.  The Aardsel Grounding band (missing link) helps with the process of balancing your emotional, physical, mental and energy state and reconnects them together by giving the same effect you would get from having direct contact with the Earth’s natural surface, thereby helping with numerous health issues.  For further information on ‘grounding’, google: “What is grounding and how can it improve your health?” Watch the videos below about our personal story of overcoming EMF/EMR and how the Grounding Band works.



  • Standard Earth wall plug
  • 4 metre long cable
  • Specialized grounding electrode
  • Elastic material band

EMF Shield (Day)


The Mobile Band (Earth Shield) is designed and manufactured to maintain a neutral electrical state in your body.  The mobile band protects you against the EMF/EMR emitted from your electrical devices, as well as any unwanted aerial radiation (EMR) when travelling, shopping, at your place of work or leisure.  The design is unique and provides you with a mobile ‘grounding effect’ to ensure your personal health safety.




    • Adjustable elastic material band with adjustable buckle.
    • EARTHCELL EMR shield.
    • Specialized electrode (must touch skin during use).

Your body is a uniquely created, extremely complex electrical system. From obvious examples such as the brain, immune and nervous system, organs such as the heart, lungs and skin, to the not so obvious such as cellular multiplication, DNA and even
imagination, everything is based on frequencies and electric transmissions in the body.
Ironically, even though your electrical system is extremely complex, it is constantly recharged by a simple gigantic battery - the Earth. The Earth's surface receives a constant negative charge from the Sun, when the Sun's rays split air molecules into positively and negatively charged ions in the upper atmosphere. Electrons from the negatively charged ions are transferred to the Earth via rain and lightning.
Living things absorb the energetic electrons, which keep the biological 'machinery' and systems running in balance and rhythm. However...Our modern lifestyles have disconnected us from this re- charging system. Factors such as our clothing and specifically our synthetically soled shoes, have blocked us from this natural transfer of electrons, as we rarely walk barefoot outside.
We sleep on elevated beds, made of synthetic materials and live and work in high rises, well above the ground.
We live high-paced lifestyles of long working hours, fueled by a depleted diet of genetically modified foods, 'high energy' drinks and constant need for various forms of medication.