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FeetFlex, is an amazing innovative solution for prolonged sitting and walking limitations.

The FeetFlex is an ideal, compact and portable exerciser very easy to use, it is effortless yet results in an effective foot movement

With FeetFlex you can sit down and relax, while your feet are walking for you.

No physical effort, no strength required.

Using FeetFlex can

   Improve blood circulation
   Help prevent swollen ankles and feet
   Relieve numbness and tired feeling in your legs
   Decreas the chance of contracting blood clots

The FeetFlex can reduce the risk of “economy class syndrome” (link) and other unpleasant effects associated with prolonged sitting.

Actual femoral vein blood velocity at rest and during the use of the FeetFlex device that were monitored and recorded during a diagnostic Doppler scan showed acceleration of blood flow.

The FeetFlex was medically tested and clinically proven to increase venous return.

FeetFlex, the ideal solution for long distance flights, bus travels, long drives and for a long day at your office desk.

While using the feetflex you will find it an effortless “walking” to eliminate fatigue,keeping you feeling fresh and healthy.

With FeetFlex you may keep aware of the importance of walking, as modern life robs us of our body’s most natural activity - walking.