Pure Organic Spirulina Powder 500g

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Doc Frank's Spirulina now available in sealed tubs of 500 g organic powder.

Benefits of Spirulina

  • Highest protein density of any food in nature.
  • All the vitamins your body needs (except Vitamin C).
  • Plenty of the minerals your body needs.
  • Cleanest, friendliest source of Omega-3 and Omega-6.
  • Easily absorbed.
  • Gentle on the stomach.

 Spirulina is good for 

  •  the elderly (important components for muscle and brain repair),
  • athletes (extra energy, endurance, muscle strength and injury rehab)
  • students (improved memory, concentration and mood)
  • the sick (improved immunity, metal detox, antioxidant)
  • the wounded (rapid healing of organ, muscle and brain damage)
  • the stressed (reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep)
  • the busy (get all the most important nutrients in one place)

 Why Powder?

  •  Can be used in shakes.
  • Can be sprinkled over or mixed into food (including pet food).


  • One to two teaspoons / day for adults (5-10g).
  • Half to one teaspoon / day for children (2-5g).
  • One to two teaspoons / day for X-large dogs (5-10g).
  • One teaspoon / day for standard dogs (5g)
  • Half a teaspoon / day for smaller dogs and cats (2g).


  • Spirulina is a food. As such it is extremely safe, even in high doses.
  • If you are allergic to iodine, do not take Spirulina.
  • Safety in pregnancy not established. 


  • 5
    green machine

    Posted by Anton K on 17th Mar 2021

    seems the green keeps keeping me lean and clean

  • 4
    Yukky taste, but good stuff

    Posted by Carola M on 2nd Jul 2018

    It's hard to point to a specific supplement as the cause of my feeling so much better, but I'll definitely keep taking the Spirulina. The powder version is cheaper than the capsules, but tastes disgusting - much improved if you add a good dash of lemon juice to the water. (I also include MSM, magnesium and turmeric, which I take for other reasons.) I still have some capsules, which I keep for travel.