Thera Cane Deep Pressure Therapeutic Self-Massager

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Therapeutic Massage
Applies pressure to treat muscle spasm, pain or dysfunction

Ergonomic Design
Enhanced leverage for easy use   

6 Strategically Placed Balls
Full-body massage for

  • muscular tension
  • stiffness
  • tenderness
  • soreness

It’s simple to use and it puts relief where it belongs, in your hands.

The amazingly simple Thera Cane is a stunningly effective self-massager.  Thera Cane makes it easy to apply pain-relieving deep pressure directly to hard-to reach trigger points - anywhere on your body.  Even the toughest tension spots can be reached and relieved. Those muscles between your shoulder blades? No problem! Thera Cane's patented design is especially useful if you have limited strength or mobility. Thera Canes are made from unbreakable plastic, so it is both lightweight and superstring. Easy to use.  Instantly addictive.

How Does it Work?

By applying pressure to muscles in spasm, Thera Cane helps to improve blood flow to the muscles. This aids in restoring muscle function by breaking up tension in muscle fibres and tendons. The increased circulation helps the muscle to work more efficiently.


The Thera Cane is simple to use and it puts relief where it belongs - in your hands. The personal involvement necessary to use the Thera Cane leads to an improved understanding of your anatomy and an increased desire to take responsibility for your own health. Using the Thera Cane regularly will put you in touch with your body, closer than you've ever been before.  And it will put you in charge of muscle pains.

You are never alone when you have your Thera Cane.

Proven Professional Results

The Thera Cane is used by thousands of health care professionals in a wide variety of clinical settings. Therapists and doctors from many specialties use the Thera Cane as an integral part of treatment for their patients who suffer from muscular pain and discomfort.

“The Thera Cane is a great product and I will continue to promote its use with my patients.”

- B. Hudson, Physiotherapist

“The Thera Cane is one of the best self-management tools I have been able to offer my patients.”
- B. Headley, Physiotherapist

“Enclosed is a purchase order for more Thera Canes. The first one I purchased has been working out well.”
- M. Brown, M.D.


Now read what some patients have told us:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thera Canes are wonderful!”
- D. Koblitz

“Your Thera Cane is making a difference between taking meds and dealing with my muscle pain drug-free.”
- Susan

“My friends are raving about your canes!”
- S. Wyman

Download Thera Cane Manual here.



  • 4
    Thera Cane

    Posted by Dean P on 12th Sep 2019

    must say I do like this product and would definitely recommend it. If used properly it does its job. I use it with some cream to assist in lubrication on the skin so you dont get burns.

  • 5

    Posted by Adrian on 19th Feb 2018

    After seeing a couple of what looked like knock-off products and exorbitant prices online, I received the exact product I was hoping for. Paid a little more than I thought it should be but after using it for a couple of weeks, I'm just glad I could finally get hold of one.

  • 5
    Thera Cane

    Posted by Helette vdb on 21st Dec 2017


  • 5
    Theracane - bye bye sore back!

    Posted by Tracey on 10th Jul 2017

    Short arms...sore back and neck muscles...No MORE! The theracane allows me to reach the knots and literally ease the tension in neck and back.

  • 5
    Product and after sales

    Posted by Ivor Kaye on 8th Sep 2016

    The best product ever!!! After sales service was immediate and perfect! Thank you so much

  • 5
    Never be tense again!

    Posted by Kayla on 13th Jun 2016

    So easy to use, and lets me get right into where the tension is. Amazing self massage tool.

  • 5
    Myofacial release therapist

    Posted by Vernon on 29th Nov 2015

    I can never get to my own bug points and now I can. What a pleasure that I can treat (and spoil) myself at last.

  • 5
    does what it says

    Posted by Ed on 4th Jul 2014

    Great for reaching those unreachable spots. Be ready for some pain though....

  • 4
    Best I've used

    Posted by Unknown on 12th May 2014

    This is the best self-massaging tool I've used. It's easy to use and very versatile!