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  • The Vaginal Dilator Set comes with five differently-sized dilators, an easy to use insertion handle and a neat, unbranded cloth carry pouch. Vaginal Dilators

    Vaginal Dilators

    100% Confidentiality Guaranteed! Goods are shipped discreetly with only the description "Women's Health" on the courier waybill. Packaging is non-descript. The best solution for a very private problem Vaginismus is a very private problem that strikes at...
    MSRP: R1,550.00
  • Eterna-GG (Geranylgeraniol 150mg) x 30 softgels

    Eterna-GG (Geranylgeraniol 150mg) x 30 softgels

    GG (Geranylgeraniol) is is the building block for Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, CoQ10, Testosterone and Progesterone. Due to age and due to toxins and certain medications, GG is depleted. This results in: muscle loss decreased testosterone...