2012-12-01 Newsletter

So, what kept Doc Frank busy during 2012?

If you wish to order any of these products from us, just click on the name of the product and it will take you straight to the product in our shop. Use the coupon code DEC2012SALE to get 20% off until 14 December 2012.  You can also see ALL these products on one page by clicking here.


In partnership with Vita-Aid, a range of three lifestyle products was finalised for retail.  These products are currently available at Clicks, but also being rolled out to Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Game and Makro.  These products took three years to perfect and each one of them radically changes lives.  The fact that they are so powerful and yet so safe makes them very popular.

1. pH Balance

I originally began working on this product as a cure for gout (which runs in our family, so I had no shortage of willing guinea pigs).  However, it quickly became clear that the herbal combination (Parsley, Turmeric, Pawpaw, Eucalyptus and Aloe) had powerful effects in other conditions too, like arthritis (where the pains virtually disappear in a matter of one week), cancer (vastly improved quality of life), fibromyalgia (most symptoms disappear in as little as 24 hours), chronic fatigue (reversed in a matter of days) and any other chronic condition that results in a build up of acid in the body.  Take three tablets a day for a month, then taper down to one or two tablets for maintenance.

2. Sugar Balance

This formula is probably the most under-estimated of my designs.  Say "diabetes" and people think of needles and hi tech.  Most folks can't believe that a few herbs and spices can be mixed together to effectively manage type II diabetes (insulin resistance) and pre-diabetes (moderately elevated blood sugar).  But it really works - with NO side effects whatsoever.  Take one tablet for every 25 kg body weight per day.

3. Cardio Support

I began working on the rough draft of this product ten years ago.  In essence, people suffering from weak heart function have an increase in body acidity (due to less oxygen reaching the cells and less carbon dioxide being removed from the cells).  By combining the acid lowering power of pH Balance with the muscle boosting power of cancer bush (Sutherlandia). Anyone needing increased exercise ability will benefit, whether you are a healthy athlete or recovering from a heart ailment.  Take one tablet for every 30 kg of body weight per day.


I was privileged to collaborate in the final development of Little Black Box. This is a completely different way of understanding sport nutrition, developed over the past two decades.  I'm very proud to have seen it through to market.  It is now available at Clicks, Sportsman's Warehouse, Makro and Game.  Little Black Box is made up almost entirely of amino acids in very specific ratios.  These amino acids signal fuel transport and fuel burning.  This leads to higher efficiencies and less exhaustion. Not only is it incredibly effective, it is 100% safe and 100% legal.

1. Training Day

This helps prepare the body for training and then to recover afterwards.

2. Race Day

Designed for endurance events.  It has four components to prepare the body, boost the body and help the body recover.

3. Match Day

Designed for high-intensity sporting events, such as typical team sports. It has four components to prepare the body, boost the body and help the body recover.

4. Ignite

Possibly the most exciting product in the current LBB range, Ignite is a stand-alone product that can be used by ANYONE needing a boost in both brain- and muscle bloodflow.  As such, it no only helps people in sports that require concentration (horse riding, ping pong, archery, etc), but also those who need to perform at their mental best (students or husbands, for example).  The results kick in within 20 minutes and last for up to 8 hours.  Although it contains a little bit of caffeine (as much as in half a cup of coffee), this is simply to prime the cell's engine and will not keep you awake, should you actually wish to go and sleep after taking Ignite.  


By hugely popular demand, I began my very own "house brand" range this year.  The hallmarks of these products are that they are all (mostly) hand-made. And, of course, designed by moi.  They are based on more than 15 years of working with African and European herbs and I'm very proud of them.

1. Koff-Off

Like its name suggests, this syrup gets rid of a cough FAST. No-one nowadays has time for coughs, flu's and colds to hang around (except if you are in the civil service, but that's another story).  Koff-Off not only gets rid of your cough in less than 24 hours (or your money back), it also gets rid of fever and lethargy.  A must-have for every medicine chest.  One teaspoon three times a day is the recommended dose for adults and children.  For medico-legal reasons, I cannot recommend it for children under 6 years of age.

2. MiraClay

This clay from the Cedarberg heals open wounds in a matter of days (or even hours in some cases).  I mixed it with a range of essential oils to perfect its action.  Clean the wound properly, cover with a thin layer of MiraClay, cover the wound for 48 hours and - presto! - see how fast the skin grows back.  Perfect also for scrapes, insect bites and other little nasties.  I carry one 10 ml container in my pocket wherever I go.

3. MiraSilk

As wonderful as the MiraClay is for wound healing, this MiraSilk is for eczema and dry, itchy skin.  Those who tested it had been suffering from incurable eczema and all report a dramatic improvement in their condition after the first two treatments already.  Smear the affected area once every 12 hours with a thin layer.

4. Spirulina 1000

Better than ever, Doc Frank's Spirulina 1000 is now available in capsule form.  It contains all the nutrients you need, except for Vitamin C.  So, get rid of those expensive supplements and drink Spirulina 1000.  The bulk packaging means that one container will last one adult about 6 months.  This is unheard-of value for money.

5. Spirulina C 1000

Did someone say Vitamin C?  Since spirulina does not naturally contain Vitamin C, I've taken the liberty of adding it. This product contains spirulina in capsule form, together with a pinch of bicarb of soda to balance the pH of the formula.  Here you have a one-stop multi-EVERYTHING supplement.  Again, one container will last one adult 6 months, which is unbelievable value for money.  Just think what you are paying for supplements and you will see that this all-in-one Spirulina C 1000 will pay for itself in the first month of using it.

6. Sutherlandia

For 14 years, I've been working with cancer bush (Sutherlandia), mainly in cancer patients, where it has tremendous quality-of-life benefits.  It boosts muscle strength and in general is a potent tonic.  If you're feeling fatigued and listless, consider Sutherlandia to give you a boost.

7. Fast-Tea

fast-tea-for-shop.jpgLast but by no means least.  Hot off the press! I've been working with slimming herbs for nearly ten years now and recently decided to put all that knowledge into a single product.  Each Fast-Tea foil pouch contains 30 teabags full of herbs that assist in weight loss - FAST.  In fact, so confident am I of the results that I guarantee 5 kg weight loss in the first month of use (or your money back).  Each teabag contains Hoodia, Sceletium, Pawpaw, Buchu, Honeybus, Rosehip and Rooibos.  The overall effect is one of appetite reduction, detox and a feeling of energised well-being.  Multiply this by one month and you'll be amazed at the results.  Ideal for getting into that bikini of last year (or last decade, as the case may be).

So, that makes it FOURTEEN new products launched this year.  I think that deserves a break.  So, while I lounge on the beach, my hard-working elves will fulfil your orders and keep you happy. Because keeping you happy makes them happy.

Have a blessed Christmas and see you in 2013!

Doc Frank

Wellness made simple.