2017-10-07 Driving you sane


Tuesday, October 10, is World Mental Health Day.

Yes, yes, I know. The other 364 days are for the rest of us, we who are mentally unhealthy and unstable. Looking around you, I'm sure you'll agree that the ratio is more or less right: For every one mentally healthy, well-adjusted person you know, there are 364 others in need of, well, maybe not a padded cell, but certainly a somewhat padded environment.

A bit more seriously: Mental health issues affect each one of us, directly or indirectly. I am no exception. Over the past five decades or so, mental health problems have reached epidemic levels in most parts of the world. Some examples are depression, anxiety disorders and dementia.

Now for the good news!

In honour of World Mental Health Day, we at Integrow Health are offering two very, very special deals.

The first concerns a brand new product we're launching today. Not only is it a first for Integrow Health, it is the first time this product is sold in South Africa, ever. It is called Memory Plus. Inside each capsule of Memory Plus is 300 mg of a very special extract, called "Bluenesse". Bluenesse has been called the "genius pill" and is extracted from a unique strain of Lemon Balm that grows only in the southern parts of Germany. Clinical tests reveal its remarkable ability to boost brain function across the board: Faster learning, sharper focus, better memory recall. Now get this: it achieves all this in LESS THAN ONE HOUR.

What is more, Bluenesse retains the calming effect for which Lemon Balm is famous. It has been shown to drop cortisol levels. No more stress, either.

Now for the bad news..:

I only have 80 units of Memory Plus available.

Each unit contains 30 capsules, equal to one month's supply. Memory Plus should ideally be taken first thing in the morning. Note: Do not take it at the same time as prescription medication, since it may enhance their absorption. Wait about an hour afterwards before taking your morning medication.

Who can benefit from Memory Plus?

* Anyone older than 50 years

* Students and pupils preparing for / taking exams

* Athletes (yes, it's legal)

* Golfers (do golfers qualify as athletes??)

* People struggling with early dementia

The cost: R178 / unit, plus cost of transport

This is a matter of First Come, First Served. The shop will take orders till all 80 are sold and then stop. Once we get feedback from you about the product, we will decide whether to produce it in larger quantities - but that will only happen next year. SO ACT NOW!

If all goes according to plan, expected shipping date is 17 October 2017.

Order it here


Our second big SPECIAL concerns the Elexoma Medic Device.

For a decade, I've been promoting the Elexoma (pronounced ELEC-zoma) for the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, attention deficit, brain trauma and chronic pain.

So confident am I of its power, that I've been offering a ONE YEAR 100% money back guarantee on it since the beginning. Very few people made use of that guarantee. The vast majority experienced the amazing brain and body benefits without side effects.

There was only one catch: At R6,490, it is rather pricey to buy. We have been offering lease purchases and refurbished devices to make this powerful healing tool available to more people. But now we have a really, really special deal, valid only for today and tomorrow:

For 24 hours, all brand new Elexoma Medics will be sold at 40% discount

That's right: 40% off.

In other words, if you buy a brand new Elexoma Medic today or tomorrow, it will only cost R3,890 instead of R6,490. The offer expires at 17h00 on 10 October 2017. The offer only applies to outright purchases, not to Elexomas purchased via lease, nor to refurbished devices.

If you or someone you know suffers from any of these conditions, consider the Elexoma Medic:

* Major depression

* Anxiety and panic attacks

* Sleeplessness

* Brain trauma or stroke

* Attention deficit

* Early dementia

* Anger outbursts

* Chronic pain

You cannot lose. If it doesn't work, you get your money back. And if it works, you have a brand new life to enjoy.

Read more about the Elexoma Medic here

Order it here.

To your (mental) health!

Doc Frank and the team at Integrow Health