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MgO is South Africa’s newest and most exciting magnesium supplement EVER! 

Gram for gram, it is the cheapest magnesium supplement in South Africa, while delivering more highly absorbable magnesium per dose than any other brand in South Africa.

Did you know?

More than 300 biological processes in your body need magnesium to work? Magnesium is essential for life.

Did you know?

It is very difficult (and expensive) to get your daily magnesium needs from food alone. Our ancestors got most of their magnesium from their drinking water, but nowadays, magnesium is removed from tap water. You need a supplement to keep up with your body’s needs.

We’ve designed the perfect magnesium supplement, just for you.

* Each capsule of MgO supplies 240 mg elemental Magnesium to your body – more than any other magnesium supplement available in South Africa!

* Gram for gram, MgO is by far the cheapest magnesium supplement in South Africa.

MgO is well absorbed, thanks to some clever thinking on our part.

MgO is highly unlikely to cause diarrhea, a common side effect of many magnesium supplements.

MgO capsules are easy to swallow. No big, bulky tablets that get stuck in your throat.

Perfect for athletes, students, mothers, executives and the elderly.

Every body needs MgO!


Every bottle of Bulk MgO contains 120 capsules.

Each capsule contains 240 mg of elemental magnesium (in the form of magnesium oxide) and 100 mg of D-Ribose (for enhanced absorption).

Dosage and Directions

Adults and Children 12 years and over: Take 1-2 capsules daily, by mouth, with a glass of water

Children  under 12 years: Take one capsule daily, by mouth, with a glass of water

Note: Athletes have a substantially higher need for magnesium, since they lose magnesium in their sweat and urine.




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  • 5

    Posted by Bronnie on 21st Nov 2023

    This is the very best Magnesium i have ever tried. It helps with stiffness and cramps and with general sense of well being - a game changer!

  • 5

    Posted by Bronnie on 28th Aug 2023

    One of my faves!! Helps with general feelings of well-being, with preventing cramping and assisting with relaxing and feeling calm.

  • 5
    Solution to Sleep Issues!

    Posted by Julia on 25th Apr 2023

    I can highly recommend this product for those who battle to have a good night's sleep. Since taking 3 capsules a night, I sleep so well and wake up feeling rested. Such a simple solution and a healthy one too!

  • 5
    Magnesium that really works!

    Posted by Anonymous on 2nd Mar 2023

    I've felt a definite increase in energy, and muscle strength since using this Magnesium. No more cramps or muscle fatigue!

  • 5

    Posted by Celene on 6th Nov 2022

    Many of my clients have said it helps their tummy work well

  • 5
    MGO Magnesium

    Posted by Linda on 12th Oct 2022

    One of the best magnesium supplements I have tried and the best service

  • 5
    Bulk MgO 120 caps

    Posted by Ilse on 30th Jun 2022

    I'm so happy that you now have a bulk option! Saves plastic bottles galore! I would even welcome 180 caps in this bottle. I have nothing to rate this product against, so cannot tell how good it is, but I've been using it for years now, and am happy with my general health.

  • 5

    Posted by Sandra on 20th Oct 2021

    This product has changed my life. I pray I never need to go without it ever again! :-) I am very glad that it is possible to buy this product in bulk. May I suggest that you develop a more ecologically friendly package for follow-up orders? I am more than prepared to keep my bottle and to refill it with capsules packaged in, say, brown paper.

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