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Low Dose Lithium marks a revolution in the medical treatment of a variety of neurological and mental diseases. Lithium is commonly used in the treatment of bipolar mental disorder. The form and dosage used for treating bipolar disorder is unfortunately not ideal, leading to many side effects. As a result, lithium has gotten a bad reputation amongst those who've used it in pharmaceutical doses.

But now we have lithium orotate. The "orotate" part refers to an amino acid complex that makes it easier for the lithium to pass the blood brain barrier to reach the brain.

In other words, less needs to be taken for more to reach the brain.

With less lithium floating about in the blood stream, there is almost no risk for kidney damage, or any other side effects.

Lithium is very common in the earth's crust, and most well water / spring water contains some lithium. It has long been know that springs with high levels of lithium are therapeutic, leading to the creation of health spas at these sites.

Even the popular soft drink 7-Up was named after Lithium. The molar mass of lithium is nearly 7, and the "up" refers to the mood lift resulting from lithium consumption. In later years, the formula was changed, as lithium transitioned first from food to poison, and then later (in the 1970s) from poison to psychiatric medicine.

In addition to 250 mg lithium orotate, equivalent to 10 mg lithium, Re-Mind contains 240 mg fulvic acid.

A number of studies have shown that fulvic acid, a chemical common to all trees, reduces tau protein build-up in the brain. The latest research on Alzheimer's and dementia links tau protein (and NOT beta-amyloid) to the onset of dementia. In research where tau protein build-up in the brain was reversed, signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's reduced or disappeared.

By combining the brain-building power of lithium orotate with the brain-cleansing power of fulvic acid, Re-Mind is a unique nootropic, designed to improve memory, mood and attention span.

Indications and Uses

Re-Mind XXX is quickly becoming the preferred treatment for a wide range of Auto-Immune and Chronic Diseases including Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Crohn's, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Myalgic Encephalitis (ME), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia, but also in Colitis, Cancer, Autism, Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health and more. Here is your opportunity to try it for yourself.


Every bottle contains 60 capsules

Each capsule contains 250 mg lithium orotate, equivalent to 10 mg lithium.

One bottle lasts 1-2 months.


Dosage & Directions

1-2 capsules daily, with or wihtout food. 

2 capsules daily indicated for more severe cases of depression and dementia.



Store in a cool, dark, dry place, away from moisture and light.

Keep away from children.


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    Re-Mind, Mgo, Brain-Mag

    Posted by Helen on 19th Dec 2021

    Al julle produkte wat ek gebruik, hou my baie gesond en lewendig. My geheue verbeter beslis

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Tracy on 28th Sep 2021

    This product has made a significant impact on reducing my post-covid brain fog and general state of being.